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One-of-a-kind design with real-world impact.

With an unparalleled hand-illustrated style, these bulls and heifers are the NFT collection you will be proud to own and show to the world.

A family story

My great-grandmother used to say:

Always have a cow so you can make money while you sleep.

The goal of Always Have A Cow is to give Ranchers (Holders) the opportunity to make money while you sleep. Just as in real life where a Rancher would raise and sell their calves, the same can be done with your Always Have A Cow NFT.

How does it work?

  1. Hold in your wallet a Bull and a Heifer.
  2. After 7 days, your Heifer will become heavy (pregnant).
  3. After 30 days, the Heifer will give birth to a calf!

NOTE Each Heifer can only have one calf.


Back Forty

Ranchers will have members-only access to the "Back Forty", the most remote portion of the pasture.


Ranchers can hold their cows in their wallets for time-based benefits. The longer you hold, the better the rewards.

Old Market

Connect your wallet for exclusive giveaways, early access to the merch store, and incredible benefits for OGs.

Positive, real-world impact

For every 20 calves minted, we will be donating a real calf to a family in need through verified non-profit organizations. Providing an impoverished family with livestock helps them to be self-sufficient as well as provide them with milk to drink and sell. Just like my great-grandmother, you are helping people around the world Always Have a Cow!

Jersey Calf Isolated


Phase 1


Building the Ranch


Finding our core team, establishing governance, honing in utilities.

Cow Creation

Illustrating the bases for the heifers and bulls.

Phase 2


Opening the Gates

Website Launch

Officially launching v1 of our website while we continue to integrate web3 components.


Open up our Discord community for all who would like to join.

Phase 3


Cowhand Auction

First NFT Release

Limited number of 50, single NFTs for our early adopters.


Use the funds from the first drop to hire our main tech lead.

Phase 4


Cow Auction

Second NFT Release

Total herd of 5,250 cows available to the world.


Identify first charity with which to partner for the family cow donations in anticipation of first calf mints.


AHAC was created to share family wisdom through beautiful art and have real-world impact.

Aden's boss bull Aden standing on a rock by a lake.

Aden Podea is 18-years-old and a recent high school graduate. When he's not operating his aerial photography business, he can be found trading NFTs or hanging out with friends. Aden discovered NFTs in February 2021 when his uncle gave him some research material. Ever since then, he has immersed himself headfirst into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens and blockchain technology. Aden aims to further build his business and continue to contribute to the NFT community.

Alex's artistic bull. Alex standing in a field.

Alex Wright is 33-years-old and works as a Product Designer for RightNow Ministries. Alex and his wife have 5 children. He has worked as a front-end developer, UI/UX designer, and creative director since 2007. Alex has been fascinated by blockchain technology and the world of crypto-currency, therefore when he was introduced to NFTs, it was a logical and exciting next step to jump in and use his more artistic side.


Granny Margie with glasses posing for a photo
Margie Faye Cook was born on November 28, 1935 in Matador, Texas. She was born during the dust bowl and was raised in the country. Granny Margie maintained a rancher's wife lifestyle throughout her marriage and adulthood. She always said you couldn't sell land because God wouldn't be making any more of it! She raised her two boys to love God, always be honest, treat people right, and keep their word. She loved cows. Even at the time of her passing at the age of 83, she believed you should “Always Have a Cow.” Thank you Granny Margie!

frequently ASKED

Have any questions about what we're doing? We've got answers.

Q.Do you get to choose between a bull and heifer at purchase?
A.The NFT you receive at purchase is picked at random.
Q.How long will the Bull be able to breed?
A.The Bull can breed indefinitely.
Q.Is the Heifer useless after it has a calf?
A.Though the heifer can only have one calf, holding a Heifer will still give you exclusive access to AHAC benefits.
Q.How long do I need to hold a Bull and a Heifer in my wallet to get a calf?
A.Hold a Bull and a Heifer in your wallet for 7 days and the Heifer will become "heavy." The Heifer will then give birth to a calf after 30 days.
Q.For the donation, is a real calf minted for every 20 calves I mint or everyone?
A.Every time the entire community mints 20 calves, we will donate a real calf.
Q.Does the money go to a charity organization for the calf?
A.For every 20 calves minted by the community, we will donate a real calf through verified nonprofit organizations who operate within our decided countries, such as Compassion International.
Q.What blockchain will Always Have A Cow be minted on?
A.The Always Have A Cow collection will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
Q.What marketplace will Always Have A Cow be listed on?
A.The Always Have A Cow collection will be available for purchase on any secondary marketplace, such as OpenSea.
Q.What is the "Back Forty?"
A.The Back Forty is a phrase used to refer to the back 40 acres; the most remote portion of land on the property. If the cowboy is in the Back Forty, he won't be heard from for a while. The Back Forty is a member-exclusive benefit that is yet to be revealed.